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I’m Engaged, Now What?!?

November 23, 2018
I’m Engaged, Now What?!? - Detail Image

Congratulations, You’re Engaged!

What to do…

The planning of a wedding can seem like a daunting task, but there are many ways to make venue searching a fun, easy and exciting venture.

Set a realistic timeline, budget & date:

Sit down with your fiancé and make those big decisions regarding your preferred season, the year that you are interested in, day of the week and if you prefer a daytime or evening affair. Make notes and save photos that encompass your vision for the big day.

Keep in mind that most venues have varying pricing options for peak and off-peak wedding dates. Friday and Sunday evenings can also have
substantial savings. Some venues even include the Sunday evenings of holiday weekends! (The VIP is one of these venues)

Figure out your estimated guest count:

Speak with family members from both sides to ensure an accurate count for your wedding day. You may find that your parents also have a list of important guests for your invite list.

Make sure to include yourselves and bridal party in the overall guest count.

Consider that you will also have vendors that may require a table or a meal. On average, couples hire between 4-10 vendors including photographers, videographers, DJ and MC, band members, photo booth attendants, etc.

Once an accurate list is in place, allow for a 15% decline rate for those guests that cannot attend due to prior commitments and date conflicts.

Plan a budget:

Make sure to factor in your vendors, wedding attire, favors, etc.

Factor in any menu enhancements that are a must – Viennese hour, seafood station, after party, exit stations, etc. Be as open as you can with each venue so they
can work with you to create the perfect proposal that fits your vision and budget.